& Activities

Mano Engineering Team

  • Supply of new CNC machines
  • Supply of second hand CNC machines
  • Reconstruction and overhaul of various CNC machines Production lines
  • Supply and equipping of various CNC machines To standard tools and accessories
  • Design and manufacture of various fixtures required for production lines
  • Provide specialized and academic training in operation and programming, specialized repairs and maintenance of mechanics and electronics, PLC, CAD CAM software
  • Providing specialized advice in the field of production of various industrial parts as well as optimization of production lines, providing new machining methods to increase production efficiency and reduce direct and indirect costs
  • Technology transfer and preparation, compilation and localization of production methods of various parts, assemblies and industrial devices required as a complete package from the stage of identifying and conducting business negotiations with technology owners around the world to supply and equip all machines Required tools and location of production lines and obtaining test results and approval of the first production series
Milling Machine Tool

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